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We are a firm of accountants and not financial advisers. Just Superfund as per corporations law is not a financial product, we do not provide any financial product advice or recommend that a SMSF is suitable to you.

We are tax agents and SMSF Specialist accountants and ASIC approved Self Managed Super Fund auditors, we are not licensed to provide any personal financial advice. We follow the best interests of our clients under ASIC's Regulatory Guide 175.214 and taxation is only one of the matters that must be considered when making a decision to set up a Self Managed Super Fund.

We can provide advice and factual information about SMSF's under SIS Act & Income tax act on

We may at times give some broad asset class advice and provide some general advice (without any remuneration) which is not intended to influence you in making a decision in relation to a particular financial product or an interest in a particular financial product. This advice should not be construed as particular financial product advice or personal advice, this advice may be given under exemptions contained in Corporate Regulation 7.1.33G.

We can provide advice relating to tax implications of investing in various Asset Classes, such as cash Vs shares Vs property Vs superannuation. Cash flow benefits of a various types of pensions, but we cannot advice that you dispose an existing super account to start any such income stream. We can advise on the tax benefits of using the various small business CGT concessions in so far as they relate to making contributions to super and taxation consequences of participating in a share buyback with a high franked dividend etc.

We may identify your generic insurance needs, for example, insuring your SMSF property or life of members or generic financial products or classes of financial product that will mitigate any risk.

On your instructions, we can assist you in ordering a Trust Deed and apply for registration of your SMSF with the ATO or help you, once you have decided to transfer; any transfer any asset, rollover to your SMSF simply as an administrative task.

If we refer you to any financial planner or advisor and that planner pays us a share of for any financial advice given or commission received for investment in any financial product, we will advise you in writing before we refer you of our arrangement with the financial advisor.

Declaration No principal or any staff member of JustSMSF Pty Ltd trading as Just Superfund has

I have taken advice from a financial advisor who holds an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and / or conducted my own research in making a decision to set up a Self Managed Superannuation Fund.

I understand that once I set up my own Self Managed Superannuation Fund, I as trustee will be responsible for my superannuation fund and I have read all my administrative functions and duties as a trustee and all investment restrictions as detailed in the ATO trustee declaration form.

Company Trustee Setup Fee (where applicable) - If you require us to setup a Company to be trustee of the SMSF then an additional setup fee of $799 will be charged to cover the ASIC fee.

I understand that if I terminate the services of Just Superfund prior to having paid at least one (1) year’s annual compliance fee of $1,199 then an exit fee of $1,199 will apply. No exit fee will apply if the services of Just Superfund are terminated after having paid at least one (1) year’s annual compliance fee of $1,199.

By clicking the button below "Just Superfund Setup" and providing my personal information of all members of the proposed SMSF on the online form, I am instructing Just Superfund and their principals and staff to provide administrative task of establishing an Self Managed Superannuation Fund as defined in 17A of SIS Act for me. I also agree to any and all charges associated with the setup of a new SMSF including any ASIC fees.

  I agree to all the above declarations and have downloaded and read the Just Superfund Terms of Engagement .