Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Just Superfund?

Just Superfund is an SMSF service provider in Australia that has assisted thousands of SMSF investors in establishing and managing their SMSFs since 2017. Just Superfund handles the compliance obligations of SMSFs, including financial statements, tax returns, and procures independent audit reports. We do not provide investment advice, as our clients are primarily DIY investors who prefer to make their own investment decisions rather than pay high fees to advisors. Just Superfund operates as a privately owned entity in Australia.

How long does it take to establish an SMSF with Just Superfund?

After submitting the online application, within 1 business day, Just Superfund will email you documentation for signing to establish your SMSF. Once you have signed the documents you can send them to the bank of your choice to establish the SMSF bank account. Once the bank account is setup you can use our online form to complete a rollover request. This process takes approximately 4 weeks.

Do I need a minimum amount to commence an SMSF with Just Superfund?

There is no legal minimum balance required to establish an SMSF. You are free to set up an SMSF with Just Superfund with any amount you choose. It is recommended that you seek independent financial and taxation advice to determine if establishing an SMSF is suitable for your circumstances.

Are there any restrictions with Just Superfund?

As a business, Just Superfund imposes no restrictions on investment choices, banks, brokers, or platforms. As long as you comply with superannuation legislation, it is acceptable to us.

What happens if Just Superfund stops operating?

All SMSF investments, including the transaction bank accounts and broker accounts, are established in the name of your SMSF. In the highly unlikely event that we cease to operate, trade, or become insolvent, your SMSF retains direct ownership of the assets. Only you, as the trustee of the SMSF, can access your SMSF accounts.