Audit Protection

We have had many clients enquire about the possibility of Just Superfund liaising with the ATO on their behalf. They have been concerned with the reports of the increase in ATO investigations and wanted to know what would happen if their fund was part of an ATO review or audit.

As a result, the team at Just Superfund have come up with a groundbreaking solution that offers not only the benefits of audit protection but so much more. With audit insurance, the client only benefits if an audit event is triggered by the ATO. If no event is triggered however, than the fees the client has paid are wasted with no benefit to the client. Just Superfund’s Audit Protection, however, does not require an event to be triggered for the client to benefit. With Audit Protection, Just Superfund will liaise with the ATO on your behalf for any Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) matter, regardless of whether it is an audit or not. As such, this is not an insurance product. It is so much better!

The benefits of Audit Protection:

Audit Protection also includes any enquiries, reviews or investigations relating to the following:

In addition, the annual Audit Protection fee includes all the professional fees you would normally have to pay for an audit, investigation, review or enquiry by the tax office or relevant government revenue agencies. It also includes any other professional fees you would normally have to pay to Just Superfund to deal with the ATO on any SMSF related matter.


Importantly, this is tax-deductible to your SMSF.

The cost of this innovative product is just $330 inc GST, which gives you Audit Protection for a 12-month period.

Audit insurance products charge the same amount but don’t have all the extra benefits offered by Just Superfund’s Audit Protection. With Audit Protection you don’t have to wait for the triggering of an audit event like audit insurance products.

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