Property Management

Our partners, Rent On Time Pty Ltd, offer specialist property management solutions.

Benefits of having your property managed by Rent On Time include:

Guaranteed Rent

Never receive late rent again! If you tenant is late on their rent, Rent On Time will pay the rent on their behalf.

Fixed Fees

Why should landlords pay more for property management on higher priced rental properties when the required work is exactly the same as a cheaper rental property? The answer is they shouldn't! At Rent On Time all of our landlords pay the exact same fixed fee regardless of the rental value of the property.

Australia Wide

Rent On Time are licensed in every State in Australia and can manage your rental no matter where it is located. Don't have multiple agencies managing your rentals. Rent on Time is truly a one stop shop for everything property management related.

Find out more on the Rent On Time web site.